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ID: MY0169433183

Special Notice: All Member pay attention, in order to protect the company's rules, the member want to withdrawals must be sms before 5:00 pm, we will be bank in before 7:00 pm, the time will be our company Sever Time,If your sms to our phone number the time is after 5:00 pm. We are closing all withdrawals, the Company will arrange before 7:00 pm at the next day's posting. (Only withdrawals once a day) and all members must abide by our rules.
((Example)) Our phone received sms information time is 5:00:49 pm, we will not bank in, the Company will arrange before 7:00 pm at the next day's posting.


Notice: New members can enjoy a 5% discount rebate!!!

Withdrawal time before the daily 5:00 pm

Scene Jockey able to withdraw money before the daily 5:00

If the sms requested withdrawals amount before 5pm,amount of withdrawals before 7pm are not same, we will cancel the withdrawal. Must be the same as the amount requested.

Notice: a new account, please forgive For Increase Come this account, thank inconvenience.

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U: hzk5777001

P: abcd1234

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P: Abcd1234

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U: hkhe6499001
P: abcd1234-
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U: fm8888

P: abcd12345

Pin: 12345

演示户口  DEMO

Group members must know:

(A) The Company will submit the account after member done the payment.

(B) Every Monday,we will reconciliation with members.

(C) Members can top up account any time after bank in, the Company will immediately top up members account.

(D) If the members want stop the account, the Company will return back the balance into designated Member bank account.

(E) Trustworthy and guarantee of confidentiality,you personal information will be stored securely.

(F) The members must be 18 years of age to carry out the transaction.

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